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Salted Nuts


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Nuts Are Roasted At Our Factory Location Daily In Peanut Oil And Are Lightly Salted. Please Place Orders In Full Pound Amounts. All Prices Include Gift Boxing And Wrapping. Gift Boxes Come In 1,2,3,& 5 Pound Sizes, Please Leave Your Instrutions In The Comment Section At The Very End Of The Ordering Process!

Blanched Almonds (2) 8oz. bags
Roasted And Salted Blanched (Skinless) Almonds.
Cooked In Peanut Oil Then Lightly Salted.
A Taste Treat For Parties Or Just Plain Old Snacking! 2-8oz. Bags (One Pound) Per Order.
Price: $8.60 Stock #: 413
Cajun Redskin Peanuts
Jumbo redskin peanuts that are roasted & salted with cajun seasoning added. A new hot taste and a real customer pleaser!! right_img
Price: $4.40 Stock #: 412
Fancy Mixed Nuts (no peanuts)
A mixture of Whole Cashews, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Filberts, and Pecans. (No peanuts). Roasted and lightly salted, a real fancy mixture!! right_img
Price: $12.35 Stock #: 408
German Roasted Pecans (2) 8 oz. bags
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(2) 8 oz. bags per order of large pecan halfs roasted in sugar & cinnamon, with a light touch of vanilla flavor. No oils or salt added!
Price: $12.20 Stock #: 411
Heggy's Special (hard) Peanuts
left_img Large Virginia peanuts roasted in peanut oil to a crispy (hard) taste, then lightly salted.
Price: $4.60 Stock #: 403
Natural Pistachio's
Dry roasted and salted with no color added. In the shell nuts! right_img
Price: $9.60 Stock #: 404
Redskin Peanuts (extra large & crispy)
Roasted in peanut oil and lightly salted. Order some to take to the next ball game! right_img
Price: $4.10 Stock #: 402
Roasted Salted Macadamia Nuts (2) 8oz. bags
left_img (2) 8 oz. bags per order. Roasted in peanut oil and lightly salted. A real treat from our tropical weather areas!
Price: $15.90 Stock #: 409
Roasted Salted Pecans (2) 8 oz bags
(2) 8 oz. bags per order. Roasted in peanut oil and lightly salted for the perfect taste! right_img
Price: $14.05 Stock #: 410
Smoked Almonds (2) 8oz. Bags
Natural Smoke Flavor Added To Lightly Salted Roasted Almonds. Just Like The Little Bags Served On The Airlines!
(2) 8oz. Bags Per Order (One Pound).
Price: $8.70 Stock #: 414
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