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Dark Chocolates, Semi-Sweet


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Chocolate French Mint (pink pastel)
A dark chocolate peppermint flavored, melt in your mouth, center. Square in shape and covered with pink pastel coating. A very popular seller!! right_img
Price: $12.65 Stock #: 211
Dark Chocolate Brownie Creams
left_img A rich chocolate flavored center made with the finest dairy cream.
Price: $12.65 Stock #: 205
Dark Chocolate Butter Creams
left_img A light brown sugar center made with fresh dairy cream, enrobed in our pure semi-sweet, dark chocolate!
Price: $12.65 Stock #: 201
Dark Chocolate Cherry Creams
A vanilla cream center with chopped red cherries added. right_img
Price: $12.65 Stock #: 213
Dark Chocolate Coated Caramels
left_img Our own vanilla flavored caramels coated in the best of pure rich dark chocolate!
Price: $12.65 Stock #: 210
Dark Chocolate Coated Peanuts
left_img Fresh roasted and salted peanuts, dipped in pure dark chocolate.
Price: $12.65 Stock #: 212
Dark Chocolate Coconut Creams
Fresh coconut in a vanilla flavored cream center sealed in our dark chocolate. right_img
Price: $12.65 Stock #: 208
Dark Chocolate Jersey Creams
A butter cream center made with white sugar and fresh dairy cream. right_img
Price: $12.65 Stock #: 206
Dark Chocolate Maple Walnut Creams
A soft maple flavored cream center with finely chopped english walnuts added. right_img
Price: $12.65 Stock #: 202
Dark Chocolate Marshmallows
Large fluffy marshmallows dipped in dark chocolate. right_img
Price: $12.65 Stock #: 215
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